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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Court Rules on Second Amendment

The Supreme Court ruled today that the second amendment is a individual right to effectively possess a firearm for hunting and self defense. This is a landmark ruling because it is the first time the court has ruled on the second amendment in American history.

Despite the deep divisions in the court over the issues, they continue to accept high profile cases. Justice Kennedy has, for the second term, established himself as the most important lawyer in America. He is the swing vote on practically every major decision. We are glad to say he voted correctly this time, the only concern is to why he does not vote more consistently.

The only bad part to this story is the fact that this was not a 9-0 decision. The Constitution has come under attack consistently in America throughout the 20th century by various interest groups. The Supreme Court, by it’s own charge, is supposed to be an interest organization for the Constitution solely. It is astounding how the four liberal members work to protect 1/2 the Constitution, the conservative members work to protect the other 1/2 and Kennedy seemingly flips a coin.

The court’s current liberal/conservative battle lines were drawn by political interest groups, not philosophic consistencies. The court should be above such influence.

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