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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sarah Palin's Hand

Liberals are mocking Sarah Palin because of the writing on her hand during her "Tea Party"speech. Even White House spokesperson Robert Gibbs is in on the fun.

However, they will discover that this is exactly what Sarah Palin wants. She and her supporters openly despise Gibbs and the left. Although I seriously doubt the "Tea Party" credentials of this organization or the speech, there are many within the movement who like Sarah Palin. They like her for her (very) anti-intellectual approach.

She appears authentic. Her inability to handle the Washington press corps serves only to heighten her appeal. Making fun of her only reinforces her point that Washington liberals are arrogant jerks who could care less what people outside of the coasts think. In other words, Sarah Palin wants us to think that they hate her because she is like us. If she succeeds, liberals will be hurt politically.

This is especially the case when the joke is so absurd--jotting down a few notes on one's hand is a common trick of speech givers, and is nothing like reading from a teleprompter in an elementary school. Although, I will say that Obama teleprompter jokes are a bad idea for Republicans too, because Obama is a proven gifted speaker from the cuff as well.

The way to diminish her is to give her little attention, and take her seriously when they do. However, that fact is that Gibbs and his cohorts are arrogant jerks, so that probably isn't going to happen.

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libhom said...

Palin's hard core of supporters at most make up 20% of the population. The rest of the country has figured out that she is as dumb as a post.