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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dear General Pelosi: Bliztkrieg Wins Battles, Loses War

I said from day one that Nancy Pelosi was a very bad pick for Speaker of the House for the Democrats. I have been proven right.

Pelosi has been deemed a great speaker since President Obama was sworn in, because she has won so many battles. Among other accomplishments, the House has successfully passed cap and trade, 2 trillion dollars worth of spending for the President, and a health-care bill with a "public-option."

To do this, she has used a blitzkrieg approach of threats and bribery, focused on quick passage rather than consensus building. This was thought necessary because many items on the Democratic agenda are unpopular, especially among Democrats, and debate was unlikely to advance the cause.

Despite winning all the battles, Nancy Pelosi is horribly losing the war. None of the significant legislation she rammed through the House has a chance in the Senate. Therefore, that legislation is purely academic. She expended so much political capital getting this legislation through, that she has very little left. She is out of favors, out of threats and members are increasingly distancing themselves from her. What is truly pathetic is that this legislation accomplishes virtually nothing.

There is one exception though—the legislation shows the far left that Democrats are working for them. Pelosi and Obama have clearly conspired to move the government toward a European-Socialist philosophy. They are supported by (at most) 15-20% of the country, most of which is located in highly densely populated areas, like Pelosi's San Francisco and Obama's inner Chicago area.

On the other hand, there is the backlash to their meaningless victories in these battles. Of the rest of the country, about half are generally opposed to this agenda and the rest are passionately against it. The ones who are passionately against it have made their voice heard. Their voices have resonated with the undecided. They have successfully pointed out the…inconsistencies (to use a nice term) involved with pushing the leftist agenda.

Although Nancy Pelosi has proven incredible at winning battles, the war is lost. In November of this year, Republicans will almost surely return to a majority in the House. Pelosi has given them so much ammunition, that they will likely not have to confront any questions about whether they will actually improve things or not. People just want Pelosi out.

Leftist Democrats believe that benevolent intellectuals should micromanage the country from a centralized location. This creates a monopoly. The legal monopolist behaves like any monopoly—people may be a little better off, but the ultimate winner is the monopoly itself. Its hard for some people to now support Republicans, because they seem to have forgotten this as well—but even at their worst, they were never as bad as these leftist Democrats. Unfortunately for the honest and sincere Democrats, Pelosi and Obama have given them a bad rap. They should never have let her become Speaker. Now, they will suffer at the voting booth.

Democrats can ridicule, mock and make fun of Republicans all they want. They can say the Republicans are controlled by "fringe groups," as did White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. They can say it is ruled by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, as did White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. They can call them "tea-baggers" (a sexual epithet) as did President Obama. They can say that Fox News is just right-wing propaganda. But have they noticed that Fox News is the second highest rated cable channel in the U.S.? Have they noticed that Limbaugh is the highest rated radio program?

Does it makes any sense at all for politicians to denigrate that which is the most popular? In fact, every time they do so, these institutions get more popular. It was folly for the Democrats to confuse a backlash to Republican corruption, for an ideological shift to socialism.

The insults are just a temporary victory for arrogant Democrats. But they contribute to the inevitable loss of the war. This kind of behavior will never be popular. It just adds fuel to the sentiment that Democrats are arrogant, paternalistic, jerks who know they cant win with these issues politically, so they want to circumvent the political processes and the Constitution (which they now openly despise).

I thank God that this weekend should mark the end of this era. They thought history would belittle the Constitution, but instead it will belittle its mightiest challengers.

Luckily, the Constitution reigns in most of what these people wanted. Unfortunately, the President was smart enough to lock up about $2 trillion worth of future generation's money before he got into this mess. He still has a significant part of that left, so many will still have to kiss his rings to unlock that money. FYI: This is why getting that money was his first priority and was worth breaking a number of campaign promises to get.

Both parties should understand that people are better off when they are respected for their intelligence, personal responsibility, autonomy and rights. Until this happens, the parties will bounce back and forth achieving nothing productive. The country should modernize and move forward with changes. But this should be done by consensus building—not letting the most leftist 20% of the country rule by threats and bribery.

Like Pelosi, they will win the battles, but lose the war.

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