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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ladies Night for Republicans

Congratulations to all the victors in yesterday's Republican primaries. One thing is for sure--Tea Party candidates are dominating.

Clearly, the ridiculous claims by progressive media, like MSNBC and the NY Times are not sticking. Also, it seems clear that people want to clean out all the establishment politicians, and replace them with independent, dependable conservatives.

I strongly supported Sharron Angle for the Senate in Nevada. She is a strong, outspoken Constitutionalist Conservative. Now she is going up against Harry Reid (need I say more?). It is expected that Reid's campaign will try to paint her as crazy and out-of-the-mainstream. This is in keeping with the liberal media's general portrayal of views they don't like. Of course, this tact has been backfiring like crazy for progressives lately. People are sick of being called racist and extremist for holding traditional American values. You can visit Angle's website and donate here.

I also have been a supporter of Nikki Haley for many years. She is a very dependable conservative in South Carolina. She was forced into a run off, but she is pretty much assured a victory. South Carolina requires at least 50.1% of the vote, or they have a run off. In a four way race, Haley came in with 49%, and her nearest competitor got 21%. The runoff election is in 2 weeks. You can visit her website and donate here.

Next is Carly Fiornia in the California Senate race. I am not sure about her politics, but she has some strong conservative credentials and the assurances of Sarah Palin. The great thing about her victory is that it is yet another blow to the Republican establishment. They supported another candidate, while the Tea Party supported Fiornia. Fiornia is going up against Barbara Boxer, who is an establishment progressive. It is quite easy to dispise Boxer, not only for her politics, but also she is known for being quite arrogant. You can visit Fiornia's website and donate here.

I couldn't help but notice Sarah Palin's influence. She actively supported each of these candidates. Combine this with her other endorsements, such as Rand Paul and others, and it seems she really is carrying some weight.

We Conservative Constitutionalist Republicans have a small coalition in the Senate right now. Jim DeMint and Tom Coburn are carrying the torch. With the additions of Angle, Fiornia, Marco Rubio in Flordia and Rand Paul in Kentucky--we can strengthen the influence.

Things are going very good right now, but the question still remains as to whether we can translate the Tea Party grass-roots movement, from primary victories to general election victories.

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